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We all now that sometimes in our lives we are faced with unexpected issues or problems and that also applies to property. Their is no difference if your a homeowner or not. We are all very lucky to have a roof over our heads. However if a leak starts during the night or a storm causes damage to your property, then you need a company you can rely on. A roofing company that will be available in the middle of the night.

A roofing company that you can be proud to tell your friends and family about.  Here are Online Emergency Roofers, We will always be transparent with you when we attend an emergency roof visit. It may be the case that the roof may need to be replaced , however our roofers will always be upfront with you and rectify the problem as much as they can. We will always advise you if the fix will be for a only a certain time period or if the problem has been fixed for good and no other work will be required.

We pride ourselves on providing immediate access to skilled, experienced and professional roofers who you can trust when you most need us.

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We are pleased to present information a bit of knowledge on the different types of roofs and different types of roofing material.

This will help you and give you a better understanding of what the problems

may be and how we can provide you with dedicated, skilled roofers at the most affordable prices.

But how would you check for these problems

 as we would never advise anyone who is not a professional to ever go near there own roofs.

However the first thing is you can carry out an roof inspection from indoors and check

if there are any marks on your ceilings or stains or is the paint stripping of f the walls.

This could suggest you have a damaged roof. If you go into the attic safely

then look for signs or indications of damp or any types of leaks.

You may ask how long does a roof really last on a house?

Well this really depends on the way the roof was installed as well as how it well it has been maintained.

This could also be based on the weather conditions however on average it is estimated roofs should last for 30 years 

and most companies give 20 to 30 years guarantee.

Some organisations say that clay tiles can last for well up-to 60 years.

Typically if you do expect a leak normally they occur through broken

or worn out shingles, however they can also occur around vents, skylights, chimney as well

as down the intersections of roof planes.

If you notice a change in shades on the ceiling or dirty areas on your roof

it could be an indication something needs to be looked at.

The type of roofing materials that typically last the longest

are slate, concrete and clay tiles.

What type of roofing is best then?

If we say just one then that would be a little unfair that is why we gave a range of options

that will allow you to compare and get a better understanding of your roofing questions.

Let us start with Flat roofs, it is very clear that they are much less know to be damaged by trees

however they are common to having problems with water damage. If their is heavy rain storms,

than what tends to happen is that gutters can be blocked by the leaves and the debris caused by this. 

It is then possible that a lot of water building up on your flat roof 

can start to occur. Depending on your roof design and drainage system, water like this

could result in leaks affecting the interior of your home.

We can say that although a  quick roof repair may provide temporary solutions such as laying tarpaulins over the roof

while bad weather continues before full repairs can be conducted.

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Online roofers use the latest technology to help all of our clients. You may call us during the day or during the night. That's not a problem at all. We can send you a link to your mobile or allow you access to our mobile phone numbers for video consultations. It may also be possible to get a better understanding of your roofing problems via video and picture , this often enables roofers to get more clarity about the issues in hand , so they are even more prepared to fix those roof leaks.


Emergency Roof Repair East Bedfont

Online roofers use the latest technology to help all of our clients. You may call us during the day or during the night. That's not a problem at all. We can send you a link to your mobile or allow you access to our mobile phone numbers for video consultations. It may also be possible to get a better understanding of your roofing problems via video and picture , this often enables roofers to get more clarity about the issues in hand , so they are even more prepared to fix those roof leaks.


Roof Installation and Replacement .

We always give open and transparent advice about your roofing problems. We always offer the best value and service however at times their are cases where you roof needs to be replaced completely. If this is the case we will give you the best in depth consultation with regards to the complete replacement of your properties roof. We want to make sure that any advice we give will always be covered with three different quotes so rest assured you can compare the prices and make a decision on our work and costs.

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One of the most well known and attractive types of roofs

in the UK are GRP roofs.

These are flat roofs which is made out of fibreglass, in fact GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester. The reason that these are so popular is that they are extremely weatherproof.

GRP is actually a material which is created when you strengthen the plastic with fine fibres made of glass. The benefits of GRP roofs is that they have a very low risk and probability of actually having frost damaged in the cold winter seasons and very little chances of leaking, even through the heavy rain seasons. GRP is very strong and is even used on boats which gives you and idea
of how robust this material is.

The other features include the durability as well as the looks. It is very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. So not only will you have protection for your property but you will also have a beautiful looking roof.
One of the most attractive and amazing reasons the GRP roofs are very popular is that they last a very long time.

In fact if the fibreglass roof is placed and laid down correctly average times of these roofs lasting is about 30 years without the roof deteriorating badly.

However we always state and advise that roofs like anything should always be looked after and in the case of GRP yes they do have long durability and are strong , nonetheless like other roofs it can become brittle and wears out after a long period so you should always be advised to get your roofs checked by professional roofers to see if there is any cracks or holes that may have appeared over time.

If you can also make a comparison to felt roofs. With felt roofs the durability and quality as well as sustainability when you compare it to a fibreglass roof is not as long or as good. Glass fibre which his what some roofers call GRP or fibre glass roofing has also be know to be used on well cured concrete it is that strong!

The advantages of GRP is that if you are dealing with or your property has a flat or pitched roof then using GRP is a fantastic way to make your roof weatherproof.
The quality and the low cost as well as low maintenance allows this type of roofing solution to be the best hand in glove fit. It is also an extremely cost effective way of dealing with roofing requirements and caters for most roofing budgets.

The good thing about these type of roof and the material is that if the roof is correctly installed it will not crack. We always have professionals dealing with your roofing needs and we always make sure work is carried out correctly and it is not poorly installed.

Sometimes the roofs start to expand due to changes in temperature such as heat and if the movement takes place and their is no space between the edges and the boards then there is a high chance for the roof to crack. So we always make sure we have experienced professional roofers who have the knowledge and expertise to give you the perfect roof. In general the roofs are very strong indeed and can be walked over if you have this as a requirement for your roof project.

If you feel that there will be a lot of traffic across that particular type of roof then the relevant advice of the weigh of the matting
that needs to be used according to the footfall will be given to you.

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We offer a very high level of quality and this is reflected in or core beliefs that every roof should be inspected in the right manner in order to fix leaks and give you peace of mind.

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So why do some people still not want to opt for the traditional felt system then? Well felt is still a lot cheaper to install.

However if you are a property owner you want to make sure your property is up to the highest standards and the reason being imagine if you used a roofer who just placed the felt over your existing roof well there is a big problem to that. This does not allow the property owner to see and check if there is a problem underneath the felt as well as issues with the insulation.

This is very important when it comes to building regulation standards and the amount of insulation that is required on a pitched roof at ceiling level or rafter level, or a flat roof and of course whether it is a new build or an existing build.

If building work is carried out then there are set levels of thermal insulation required, this in place for new builds and refurbishment projects.

They are stated as a U-value which has to be achieved. The required U-value that is required varies upon factors such as the location of the project in England, Wales or Scotland, to the type of building meaning whether it is domestic or non-domestic, as the application roof, floor or wall.

With GRP it is compulsory for a new deck to be installed as the GRP is place onto the roof. The big advantage for the property owner even with the extra costs is that the deck will be looked at and inspected. This will highlight and underlying issues such as joist which are damaged or rotting.

The other main reason you are in a good position to know what is under your roof decking is that you can then have the opportunity to place in more insulation to the correct level and amount and this will keep your property in line with the building standard regulations.

GRP is a very streamlined installation process as it is liquid and applied in a very simple and seamless fashion even though a mat which is included in the fibreglass process to create the covering , the mat joins with the next roof sheet and this creates a streamlined roof covering which is totally seamless.

Another great feature of GRP is the complete flexibility and versatility of the roofing material , which allows it to move around pipes or windows which may be in the way.

Problems with flat roofs that may be an indication that it needs to be replaced.

If water congregates and a puddle is formed, then this is a concern as this can cause various levels of stress in areas and subsequently leading to cracks. Gradually it may be that the roof itself will slightly adjust itself due to movement and this in turn can change the actual level of the roof which is not similar to when it was originally stored.

The water should be removed immediately as it can cause issues by dripping into the roofs layers. If it
is not looked after the over time it will damage the surface of the roof and reduce its quality and time that it will act securely and safely.

It may also be the case that if the workmanship in not carried out to a high standard and adhesion problems can soon escalate to blisters and bubbles being formed, this can also be the case of bad insulation and ventilation. This can cause further disruption by creating holes in the roof and damage to your property.

Leaks can further cause fungus and mold so it is also advisable to have a regular maintenance of your flat roof.
If you notice large cracks or splits or even tears which may seem trivial at first however it is always good to have it looked at as it could lead to further damage to the roof.

If a flat roof has asphalt then this is often affected by changes in temperature. If this takes place due to the weather than it can cause the flushing to pull away from the corners of the edges, potentially then causing leaks. Unwanted growth of any king should always be als looked at, such as mold or fungi on a roof.

So the question is often asked when is it better to replace a complete flat roof as opposed to just repairing it?

We always say that minor repairs can cause some of the problems to go away but may not be the best way of handling the situation. So it may be more cost effective to completely have a full roof replacement job carried out. It is safer and will also give you peace of mind.

There are many reasons that you will either require roof repairs or a complete roof replacement on your property while you live in or own a property.

You could have a whole reason of problems from a cracked tile , to roof leaks , broken shingles or even a bunch of broken slates and even if you have cracked flushing, these actually help keep the water away from your internal structure and items, it is always good to get the best roofers who can handle the job, affordably and effectively.



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